Complete Planner System

Our Digital Planner and Hall Pass system supports student success through improved organization, accountability and communication.

A Successful Combination

We've combined our 10+ years of experience as schools' top choice for student digital planners with a focused and flexible hall pass solution. In one seamless system you'll get results not possible with outdated, separate tools.


Go with the best

Our student planner app is the most-preferred solution for both students and teachers.

Hall Monitor

See all student activity

Centralize your management with our simple and flexible hall pass system for complete visibility and accountability, integrated with our planner.

tools for collaboration

Educators and parents engage

Additional tools available to support individual coaching and guidance by teachers; parents can track all activity.

Leverage your technology

Works in all environments

From BYOD to 1:1, our system is compatible with all platforms and devices.

A Proven Path for Success

Because of our many years of working with schools we've developed an effective three-step approach to starting and expanding a planner + hall pass solution.

Based on your specific requirements, we work with you to customize the right combination of our features. This includes your school colors, parent approval of handbook, hall pass policies, and much more!
We plan with you to create the best deployment approach for launching the program. Whether it's one building or district-wide, we customize the approach to make sure each phase of the rollout is a success.
Once your system is in place, we're with you every step of the way. We provide in-year training and support to help maximize usage and when the time is right we make it easy for you to expand into additional features.

Move to digital planners and hall passes

We'll grow with you to improve student responsibility.