The Leading Digital Planner Delivers More

Take advantage of our proven planner technology to give you additional valuable tools that support your work.

Great Affordability and Proven Technology

With nearly 15 years of experience in working with schools and districts nationwide, myHomework has consistently provided cost-effective and innovative tools that make it easier to administer essential student behavior and accountability outcomes. We're the best at system setup and integrating with all other data. We have the technical experience to make it work, fast! See below for more info on how each of these modules supports student success.


Provide 1 to 1 support

For key student groups where assignment tracking and time management coaching is valuable. The best resource for monitoring and reporting on student planner activity. Drill in to an individual student’s entries and know when parents have reviewed their child’s planner. Teachers will easily integrate myHomework into their positive-behavior support processes.


Quick and easy

Get rid of handwritten notes and duplicate tracking methods. Bring everything into one simple module that is part of the existing myHomework platform. Recognize one or a group of students instantly and know that your encouragement will be directly delivered for positive reinforcement. Redemptions are easy too!


Know Late Arrivals

A great additional feature as part of your overall hallways management approach. Include a quick tardy check process to capture student activity in this important possible leading indicator for behavior issues. Works in conjunction with all your technology configurations.

Parent Access

Keep parents informed

Our Parent Track feature can automatically include parents / guardians as part of the accountability process, with mobile-friendly email updates. Convenient one-click viewing of their child’s planner includes details of any activity. And parents can respond to any teacher-entered planner notes.

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