The Right Digital Hall Pass

A comprehensive solution that fits easily into your workflow and gives you centralized control.

Retire Old Methods

Leave paper behind and upgrade your hall pass issuance and management approach.

Flexible and Dynamic

We've got standard hall pass rule configurations that focus on simplicity and we can easily adjust to your requirements.

Centralized Hall Monitor

This is your faculty's central daily dashboard of all hall pass activity. Maintain full visibility into who's going where in real time and easily identify if there are issues to be addressed.

Pass Issuance

Our pass issuance feature is built with ease-of-use and effective controls in mind. Our system follows your preferred approval policies and students instantly know how to use the pass system -- because we've built it directly into our leading student planner apps so there's never any confusion!

Ready to move to digital hall passes at your school?

Complete Pass Management

You'll know all pass activity history and can set up student restrictions if necessary. We keep EVERYONE in the loop on hall pass activity, including parents who will see their child's hall pass history on their digital planner calendar.

The Only Combined Solution

Our hall pass system works in conjunction with our leading student planner app, creating a comprehensive platform for maintaining organization, accountability and communication.

Make the move to a planner + hall pass system today!
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