Your Complete Digital Hall Pass

Easy to use and fully customizable, you can isolate problem groups and will gain full visibility to student activity via detailed reporting. Administration and staff benefit from the most user-friendly and affordable solution in education.

Finally Get Full Control of Your Halls

No more struggling with incomplete methods that leave too many gaps in your knowledge of all student activity. Let our system remove the unknowns via an easy-to-use, proven approach.

Easy Classroom Management

A standard approach to issuing and approving passes frees you from inconsistent adherence to your school's hall rules. All passes are managed thru our leading planner system and are designed to simplify the process for everyone.

Full Building Security Awareness

Always know student building activity at all times. All educators have access to a live dashboard for full visibility and transparency. Now it's straightforward to enforce accountability.

Maintain Essential Safeguards

Demonstrate your compliance with any required social distancing protocols. Contact-free pass management and setting student-specific limits support this critical priority.

Custom for Each School

There is no one size fits all approach to effective pass management. Create the right rules and restrictions for every building. Our system adapts to your requirements.

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Limited disruption to teaching

Our pass issuance feature is built with ease-of-use and effective controls in mind. Our system follows your preferred approval policies and students instantly know how to use the pass system — because we’ve built it directly into our leading student planner apps so there’s never any confusion!


Full transparency and accountability

Continuous tracking supports communication and student responsibility. With our digital hall pass you'll identify potentially problematic student behavior and activity outliers early to effectively minimize disruption. All pass activity history is easily referenced as part of our complete reporting features.

Smart choice

Save money, be more efficient and make it your own

An important part of our digital hall pass system is it's ability to support each building's specific protocols and procedures.  You need an efficient system that is proven in an educational setting. That's why our fully-integrated planner+hall pass approach is right for you. All for less than separate, disconnected tools would cost. A simple, all-in-one technology that supports your student responsibility management and builds student success for college and career readiness.

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The Right Hall Pass System for Schools

Retire outdated methods for managing your student hall activity and maintain full visibility across all classes and periods. Partner with a company that's been focused on student responsibility and success via educational technology for nearly 15 years. Make the move to a complete planner + hall pass + rewards points system!