Flex Period Management. Period

Get out of the dark and have confidence in how your academic support initiatives are organized. We keep it simple and focused on just supporting this one key school event so you're not overworked.

Do You Know What Happens During Your Flex Periods?

There's lots of activity -- coming and going amongst students and teachers -- during your regular academic support time. Keeping track of everything is important but there's no good way to manage it. Until now.

Focused only on flex period

Don't over-complicate the schedule management of your flex periods. With our module you'll get an easy-to-use tool that stays out of your way.

Easy scheduling

Set up recurring and one-time flex period events to establish a shared view of expected activity. All stakeholders see the calendar in one shared tool.

Full visibility

The Flex Period module is part of our full system, so all teachers, staff, and students know who's going where and when.

Attendance reporting

With your school's schedule and activity tracked in the system, instantly generate reports to know the details. Admins can see the 'who' and 'how' of flex attendance.

The Perfect Addition to Our Leading Hall Pass System

By combining the hall pass and flex period modules, your schools will be fully equipped to manage all hallway activity and track behavior and expectations for all students. Add an important management tool to your myHomework system with our Flex Period Management module. Make the move to a complete hallway management system built on education's most-trusted planner platform!