The Leading Digital Planner

Supports organization and time management for students.

The Best Planner App

Our highly-rated student app works natively on all devices, plus the web and we’ve built them to support student growth in organization and time management skills. Complete with prioritization and reminder support, your students will have the tools necessary to seamlessly enter their assignments and know what is required of them to be successful.

Educator Access

Provide 1 to 1 support

Your faculty’s resource for monitoring and reporting on student planner activity. Drill in to an individual student’s entries and know when parents have reviewed their child’s planner. Teachers will easily integrate myHomework into their positive-behavior support processes.

Parent Access

Parents can track progress

Our Parent Track feature automatically includes parents and guardians as part of the accountability process, with mobile-friendly email updates. Convenient one-click viewing of their child’s planner includes details of what’s upcoming in their classes. And parents can respond to any techer-entered planner notes.

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